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Trust Pharmacy has a list of bestsellers containing various medications. But according to statistics, the most sought-after among bestsellers are Cialis, Ambien, Ativan. Our staff collects the main information about these drugs applied in different spheres of health problems’ treatment.Trust pharmacy

Cialis – Innovative Erectile Dysfunction Drug

One of the synthetic drugs to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction is Cialis (Tadalafil). Its active component is the substance known as tadalafil. The drug is suitable in the case when sexual excitement is present but an erection doesn’t appear.

When taking this ED drug, the effect will not manifest itself if there is no natural sexual excitement. The essence of this action lies in the mechanism of action. An erection is appeared due to the filling of vessels with blood. In case of violation of this process, an erection does not occur. Cialis contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and the subsequent inflow of blood in greater volumes. The result is a steady and long-lasting erection.

How does this happen? In order for the vessels to widen, cGMP should be released. This compound is produced in the body in sufficient quantities, subject to the presence of nitric oxide (NO), which, in turn, is released when a man is sexually excited. Under the action of a specific enzyme, cGMP is destroyed in a short period of time. Cialis prevents the destruction stimulating the cGMP production.

The indication for taking Tadalafil is erectile dysfunction, in which the penis is not hard enough to conduct full sexual intercourse. Cialis from Trust Pharmacy can be used for erectile dysfunction caused by the following factors:

  • high blood pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • organic disorders;
  • obesity;
  • stressful situations, severe psychological state;
  • remote prostate;
  • spinal cord injury.

Ambien – The Best Sleep Aid Pills

Ambien (zolpidem tartrate) relates to the class of sedative/hypnotic drugs. Ambien influences unbalanced brain chemicals that can cause insomnia. Ambien has a sedative and relaxing effect. It is used to treat problems with sleep, such as the inability to fall asleep, frequent waking during the night, early morning waking. Ambien is intended only for short-term use – as a rule, no more than 7-10 days. Long-term use of the drug is permissible only under medical supervision. Trust Pharmacy recommends, in any case, to contact a doctor to specify the correct dosage.


All people know essential sleep is the best, however, there are cases when people have sleep disturbances and Ambien can help in the following cases:

  • to fall asleep within 15 to 30 minutes. Therefore, it is to be taken only when you are completely ready to go to sleep;
  • to stay asleep. It is disturbing to wake up during the night without being able to sleep again.
  • to avoid waking up early. It ensures a full night’s sleep and has been confirmed to magnify total sleep time.

Get Rid of Anxious Conditions with Ativan

Trust Pharmacy has included Ativan in the list of bestsellers because more and more people face problems with anxiety disorders. Ativan containing lorazepam belongs to a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. This medication affects brain chemicals that may be unbalanced in people having an anxiety disorder. This drug is prescribed to treat anxiety disorders. It may also be used for purposes not listed in this guide but only under medical supervision.

The additional applications of this universal drug are:

  • sleep disorders that are caused by anxiety or short-term stressful situation;
  • epilepsy and status epilepticus, most often when taken in combination with other drugs;
  • psychoactive states and phobias;
  • emotional reactive states;
  • psychosomatic disorders and headaches for respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and other internal organs diseases;
  • endogenous psychoses, including manic and catatonic states, as well as anxiety and agitation in schizophrenia;
  • panic disorders;
  • acute delirium alcoholicum;
  • neurosis and neurosis-like states;
  • symptomatic convulsive states.