Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

This Agreement belongs to the website of the Trust Pharmacy. The site of this online pharmacy is the property of Trust Pharmacy. This Agreement establishes the relationship between the Site Administration and the User.

The site administration reserves the right to change, add or delete abstracts of this Agreement at any time without informing the User.

Continued usage of the Site by the User means compliance with the Agreement and changes made in it.

The user is that person answerable for noting this Agreement for changes.

The Subject of Terms and Conditions

The subject of this Agreement is to ensure the User with an access to the Items and Offers ensured on the online pharmacy website.

This online store ensures the User with the following kinds of services:

  • getting an access to search and navigation means;
  • ensuring the user with the capability to publish feedback, comments;
  • getting an access to information about the items sold and the purchase of goods on a secure basis;
  • other types of services implemented on the Internet pharmacy pages;
  • currently, this Agreement covers all existing services of the online pharmacy, as well as any subsequent changes to them and further additional services of this online pharmacy;
  • access to an online pharmacy is free of charge;
  • this document relates a public offer. By getting an access to the Site, the User is considered to have complied with this Agreement;
  • the usage of products and services of the Site is regulated by the norms of the effective legislation.

The Correct Use of Trust Pharmacy Website

  • The Site and the Content included in the Site is owned and operated by the Site Administration.
  • The content of the Site may not be duplicated, published, rendered, redirected or distributed in any way without got the Administration consent in a written form.
  • The content of the Site is secured by copyright, trademark law, as well as other rights related to intellectual property and deceptive trade practices law.
  • Purchase of the products sold on the Site may require a personal account.
  • The User is a person answerable for sustaining the account information confidentiality, inclusively of the password, as well as for all without exception activities carried out on the part of the Account User.
  • The user must immediately notify the Site Administration of the unauthorized usage of his account or password or any other security means.
  • This Terms and Conditions extends to all additional terms and conditions for buying of products and the offering services ensured on the Site.


Any lost revenues that the User may be exposed in case of intentional or careless violation of any clauses of this document, as well as in the case of nonlegitimate access to another User’s transactions, are not refunded by the Site Administration.

The site administration is not answerable for:

  • timeout or delays in the transaction process appeared as a result of insuperable forces, as well as any case of problems in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.
  • affairs of transferring systems, banks, payment patterns and for timeouts related to their performance.

The correct performance of the Site, in the case the User does not ensure the significant technical tools for its usage, and also does not bear any responsibilities to ensure users with such tools.

Violations of Terms and Conditions

The Site Administration is liable to reveal any information picked up about the User if revealing is significant connecting with an investigation or complaint belonging to the unauthorized use of the Site or to establish the User who may break or dispute with the Site Administration rights.

The site administration is liable to reveal any information about the User, which it is required for effective legislation or court decisions, to provide compliance with the terms of this Agreement, to secure the User’s rights.

The site administration is liable to reveal data about the User, if the effective legislation of the country, you live in demands or permits such revealing.

The Site Administration has the right without prior notice to the User to terminate and (or) prevent gateway to the Site if the User has violated this Agreement or its terms.

The site administration is not rightful for the termination of access for the User or third parties to the Site in case of violation by the User of any realization of this Agreement or another document including the statements of utilization of the Site.

Disputes Settlement

If there are any disputes between the Parties to this Agreement, it is significant to submit a claim before filing for a lawsuit.

The claimee informs the claimant in writing form about the results of the claim within 30 calendar days.

If there is no way out from resolving this dispute on a voluntary proceeding, any of the Parties should be liable to file to the court for the rights’ protection.

Any claim in relation to the conditions of the Site usage must be filed within a period after the reasons for the claim have appeared with the exception of copyright protection. In case of violation of this paragraph terms, any claim or reasons for it are denied by the limitation of actions.


Every customer agrees to guarantee the protection of liability, security against and prevent damage to Trust Pharmacy, its executives, board administration, staff, partners, suppliers. He also guarantees the security of them from any destruction, damages and additional expenses, including legal fees, the cause for which was any these Terms of Use violation by you.

Trademarks. Any product names, independently on the usage of the trademark symbol, are trademarks belonging to the group of companies, as well as to licensed partners of Trust Pharmacy unless otherwise specified. It is strictly forbidden to use or improper use of trademarks or other materials accessible on the site, except for the cases specified in these Terms and Conditions. We hereby draw your attention to the fact that Trust Pharmacy administration will decisively demand respect for its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Confidentiality. Trust Pharmacy respects the right of every customer to privacy. The rights and responsibilities of users relating to personal data revealed on this website are explained in the Privacy Policy.

Medical information. Trust Pharmacy website may include general information about different dysfunctions and their therapy methods. Such information is ensured for informational purposes only and cannot be exchanged with the recommendations of the attending healthcare giver or other skilled medical staff. Customers should not utilize the information published on the website for the diagnosis establishment purposes. Customers, if required, should always consult their physician.